Smart Tweezers ST5S Reviews

The Smart Tweezers get smarter
For years, I’ve looked for an affordable LCR meter to measure unknown components – especially surface-mount. I ran into the Smart Tweezers (Model ST3) a couple years ago and wrote up a short review. Since then, Canadian company Advance Devices, has updated the design (Model ST5). This model is very similar, but there are a number of improvements worth mentioning… read more

Kenneth Wyatt
– September, 2012

Component Control
A Tool for Finding and Handling Small Parts
It’s time to take control of your components. You can identify tiny surface-mount parts with a handheld LCR meter. The lightweight tool automatically determines the type of component, inductor, capacitor, or resistor (LCR), and selects the proper range and signal frequency for the most accurate measurement. The component type, measurement results, and test conditions used to determine the results are displayed on a dot-matrix display… read more

Jeff Bachiochi
– December, 2008